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   Fabrics and Plants!

Opening in January 2020, SwanHaven is pleased to offer modern fabrics in addition to unique and hard to find houseplants.  Classes in plant care and sewing projects are in the future at this time, however please stop by if you have any sewing and quilting questions. 
 We do not sell swans, we just like them and purple quite a bit! 

SwanHaven is built on the shoulders of Your Plant Service which has provided the Dallas area with tropical plant services and products since 1990 and continues to provide full service commercial tropical plant care. Our service includes the weekly care of your plants (water, groom, and treatment for pests as needed) in offices, homes, hotels, and atriums. Our guarantee includes replacement of plants that become sub-standard, except in cases of abuse or temperature extremes.  We can recommend appropriate plants based on light and space requirements. A wide variety of styles and colors of decorative containers are available to complement your decor.

We offer shipping on fabrics and notions.   We appreciate you checking out our page.